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Netherton Spun Iron Lid for Prospector Pan

Our Spun Iron Prospector Pan has been wildly popular with our customers, and we are very happy to be able to offer this matching Spun Iron Prospector Pan Lid. The domed design is shaped beautifully to give you plenty of height and volume whether you're sautéeing, broiling, cooking in a wok, or outdoors over a campfire. The lid measures 12" in diameter, sized just right for our prospector pan, but will fit many other pots and pans. It has a deep black color, and comes pre-seasoned with flax oil. For best results and longevity, treat it as you would with cast iron cookware: avoid letting water sit on it too long, and warm it and wipe down with neutral oil after each use. A metal knob in the center allows easy gripping for removal, and a small vent hole lets steam escape. Made in the UK by a long-respected iron foundry. 

This lid also works with our Netherton Prospector-Style Wok.

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  • Netherton Spun Iron Prospector Pan Lid


    Netherton Spun Iron Lid for Prospector Pan

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