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Never-Ending Lighter

Say goodbye to matches and butane lighters – this innovative but simple Never-Ending Lighter provides a handy flame. Consisting of a paraffin wax–infused hemp 13 long wick housed in an aluminum sleeve, it weighs just 0.6 oz. To operate, fluff the end of the wick and hit it with a few sparks from a ferro rod. The paraffin ignites quickly and easily and is completely waterproof. No matter how wet, it will still light. The aluminum sleeve extends your reach and then simply pull the wick into the sleeve to extinguish the flame. In a pinch, you can slide the wick out entirely and the sleeve becomes a miniature bellow to help a stubborn fire along. Comes in an aluminum slider box measuring 4” x 2 1/2” x 1" with plenty of room to include your Ferro Rod and a few other essentials.


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  • Never-Ending Lighter


    Never-Ending Lighter

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