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Nokogama-Style Garden Knife

This tool goes by a few different names, depending on where you’re from and what you’re using it for, but it’s one of the most useful garden knives we’ve seen in a while.  Similar in design to a Japanese Nokogama sickle-saw, it really shines when it comes to small landscaping, weeding, pruning, and harvesting duties.  The aggressive serrated blade is designed with an inward curve to create a powerful little pruning saw.  It truly is an effective tool.  Features a natural wood handle and measures 10 ¾” with a 4 ½” cutting surface.  Includes a plastic protector sheath.

Overall Dimensions

Width  3/4"
Length  10.5"
Height  10.5"
Weight  .15 lbs

Individual Items

  • Nokogama-Style Garden Knife


    Nokogama-Style Garden Knife

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