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Old Fashioned Garlic Press

There is nothing like fresh garlic for adding depth and complexity to your cooking. When the recipe calls for crushed or minced or when you want a stronger flavor and to bring out the oils (or you just do not want the smell of garlic lingering on your hands for hours) our powerful garlic press is the answer. With its strong plier-style jaws, it crushes and minces the garlic cloves to release their oily goodness. This beauty, made in Germany, is food-grade-coated cast aluminum. Unlike some alternatives, ours has a robust hinge pin and is guaranteed for 5 years. You’ll reach for it again and again for all kinds of cuisines, from Italian to Thai to Syrian to Korean–you could take a trip around the world with the veggie sometimes affectionately known as the “stinking rose”. Measures 6” in length and handles cloves up to 1 ¼”. Dishwasher safe.


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  • Old Fashioned Garlic Press


    Old Fashioned Garlic Press

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