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Old-World Pasta Making Set

Freshly made pasta is so different from dried pasta that it’s almost a completely different class of food.  Few things can compare with it, and yet, with the right tools, it’s shockingly easy to make and we’ve collected our favorite Italian-made tools in one bundle that’s perfect for Mom, Dad, or anyone who loves the finer things in the kitchen. The Pasta Roller Kit includes a handle and beechwood components, make spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle, and pappardelle simply by swapping out the four interchangeable rollers. (The flat side can also be used to roll out pizza dough.)  An included stainless steel cutter adds versatility for further pasta shapes, or for slicing up that pizza pie!  If stuffed pastas are more your thing, our Round Ravioli Mold couldn’t be easier to use: just lay a rolled pasta sheet on top, add filling and another layer of pasta, take a pass with the included wooden roller, and you’ve got 12 perfect pieces.  Finally our razor sharp stainless steel Ribbon Grater excels at making thin curls of vegetables or cheese to accompany your dish but it’s ideal for desserty things like chocolate and citrus, too.

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  • Old-World Pasta Making Set

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    Old-World Pasta Making Set

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