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Olivewood Paring Knife Set

This set of three paring knives will sit nicely in your hand and are just right for close cutting work on fruits, veggies, etc. They feature stainless-steel blades and olivewood handles secured with 2 stainless-steel rivets to ensure long life. A handsome fitted wooden box is provided for storage or display. Included in this set are a hooked Bird Beak, measuring 6 ½” L with a 3” blade; a slightly curved Yatagan measuring 7 ⅛” L with a 3 ½” blade; and a tapered Spearpoint, measuring 6 ⅞” L with a 3 ⅜” blade. All are excellent knives and you will discover tasks for each of their particular shapes. It’s a pleasure to work with such well-made tools.  Made in France. 


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  • Olivewood Paring Knife Set


    Olivewood Paring Knife Set

    $45.00 $32.98

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