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Oversized Spring Coil Stair Walker

An Irresistible Toy

Who can resist that wiggly spring bouncing from hand to hand? Or high-stepping down stairs? Or that spring sound? Forgetaboutit! Kids of all ages are simply suckers for the simple joy of this simplest of toys.

The design of this coiled metal toy is amazingly simple, and yet its function is fascinating to watch and use, and will hold your little ones’ attention for hours while they perfect the art of watching it walk down stairs (It’s pretty fun to just move around in your hands as well, to be honest!). It can take a try or two to get the positioning and launch just right, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a sight to see as it goes end over end down step after step. Try it on stairs of different heights and see who can go the longest. Works on slopes as well. Made from zinc-coated carbon steel, it’s elegant and fun, and will last a long, long time. Get a few for the holidays this year and share them with all the youngsters on your list. Dimensions: 4”H x 3 ¼” Diameter.

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  • The Original Spring Coil Stair Walker


    Oversized Spring Coil Stair Walker

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