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Outdoor Combination Thermometer / Hygrometer

see the temperature and humidity at a glance

This handsome and practical tool will be the perfect addition to your outdoor decor. With it's large, easy-to-read scale, the thermometer of the instrument reads in both Fahrenheit and in Celsius. There is also a hygrometer located on the lower portion of the dial that wil meaasure humidity.

The instruments come complete with a 3.5 inch long swivel arm and mounting bracket for trouble-free installation and it's also perfect for placing outside a window. Crafted of brass with a living finish (over time this product will age beautifully into a nice patina and eventually, a desirable verdigris.) German engineered mechanism. 

Both measures taken together they give you a true picture of conditions. Get a matched pair (one by the front door and one by the back door). Diameter 4", Weight .8lbs. Temperature range -40 Fahrenheit to 120 Fahrenheit. Humidy range 0-100% 


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  • Outdoor Combination Thermometer / Hygrometer

    24T02.02  - Available 09/22/2023

    Outdoor Combination Thermometer / Hygrometer

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