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Pair of Cast Iron Fireplace Andirons

We consider ourselves to be fireplace enthusiasts around here. The second there’s even a hint of nip in the air, we’re digging out those long matches. One of the best, simplest upgrades we’ve found for our fireplace is to ditch the bulky grate and go old-school with a pair of andirons. Also known as fire dogs, these simple tools have been in use since antiquity, sometimes austere, sometimes impossibly ornate. Our cast iron version tends more toward the former, with the guard’s cast iron curls subtly evoking a ram’s horns.

The function is the same as a standard grate: to keep your logs off the ground, allowing generous airflow for a stronger fire and far less smoke. The difference? Due to their less sturdy construction, far too many fireplace grates tend to melt after a season or two of regular use. (We know people who replace theirs yearly!) With their sturdier construction and heavier iron supports, a quality pair of andirons will last far, far longer. The front-facing decorative guards stand 13 ¼” high, and the log supports extend back 17 ¼” and hold logs 4” off the floor of your fireplace.

Materials: Iron

Dimensions: 13.25" x 17.25" x 4" each

Individual Items

  • Cast Iron Fireplace Andirons


    Pair of Cast Iron Fireplace Andirons

Subtotal: $149.00
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