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Pair of Nestled Stainless Steel Basins

Need to chill wine, beer, and sodas for a party? Want to store firewood and kindling by the stove? Searching for a way to display or store your mountain of toys? Look no further. These two striking Stainless Steel basins are endlessly versatile for all of your storage needs. Made of Stainless Steel with a brushed copper band, these basins are incredibly sturdy, lightweight, and watertight. Each gleaming basin reflects light beautifully on its stippled surface. Wrapped with oiled copper banding and featuring curved copper handles, these basins are easy to move to any indoor or outdoor location. Sold as a set in two convenient sizes.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Copper

Dimension: small - 16"L x 10.25"W x 9"D; large - 14"L x 23"W x 11.5"D

Individual Items

  • Stainless Steel Basin - curved copper handles


    Pair of Nestled Stainless Steel Basins

Subtotal: $199.00
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