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Pathmaker Pickaxe and Hoe

Made In Germany

This will clear out just about anything you can put in its way—this is a tool for the heavy, difficult clearing work.  If the Pathmaker can’t handle it, you probably need to bring in heavy machinery.  Similar to a mattock, it combines a pickaxe on one side and a heavy-duty garden hoe on the other, perfect for breaking up tough or heavily compacted soils, especially ones with high clay content.  Use it to do heavy lifting, prepare pathways, dig large planting holes, or simply break up stubborn soil.  The hoe face is 7” long x 5” wide, and the pickaxe measures 7 ½”.  The 41 ½” ash handle will stand up to years and years of heavy use. Total weight 5.7 lbs.

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  • Pathmaker Pickaxe and Hoe


    Pathmaker Pickaxe and Hoe

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