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Super Penetration Shovel

All-steel, Guaranteed for a lifetime of use

Made in the USA

The all-steel Super-Penetration Shovel with its tapered pointed blade and fully sharpened sides is the very best tool to use for digging in hard, compacted or heavy clay-like soils. It's given its name because of its ability to let you "penetrate" with minimal exertion. It's a beautiful new tool. The accessory rubber foot pad fits either side (left or right) and is recommended. Keep it sharp with the 10 in. Pferd Mill File.

All blades and handles are fully welded. Handles are plated or painted for rust protection. Weighs 6 lbs. Made in the USA.

Individual Items

  • Super Penetration Shovel - Made in USA


    Super Penetration Shovel

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