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Personal Vehicle Transport Cargo Protection

Keep your mess contained

These Automobile Cargo Protectors/Aprons are a terrific, simple way to contain the potential of a mess in the back of your SUV (or station wagon) when hauling items like soil, compost, plants, gravel, stone (and even wet or muddy dogs!). Made of thick, 10-mil. industrial-grade tarp, in black and silver. These are not just flat tarps, they have 15" tall sides, and suction cups that attach the high edges to the inside glass of the side windows, so they don’t collapse, and they keep their structure. Available in two sizes, medium and large. The difference in the sizes is front-to back length of each; the side-height and width are the same on both.

Medium: 56" long; 42" wide x 15" sides
Large: 73" long; 42" wide x 15" sides

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