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Pneumatic Lifts Set of 2

Lifts 297 Pounds

If you've ever found yourself trying to maneuver and level a heavy object like a cabinet, stove, or window frame by yourself, you'll know how valuable these Lifts can be. When you're struggling to level an unwieldy object, you'll reach for our Set of Two Pneumatic Lifts. It looks and works very much like a blood pressure cuff; just tighten the valve, place it beneath the object and squeeze the hand grip to inflate the bladder to the proper level. Once you have the object level and secured, loosen the valve, the pad deflates and you can easily remove it. The soft, flexible material is tough enough to handle a load capacity of up to 297 lbs and is safe to use on all kinds of delicate surfaces: paint, glass, etc. Dimensions: 4½" wide x 7½" long.

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  • Pneumatic Lifts - Set of 2


    Pneumatic Lifts Set of 2

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