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Pocket Multi-Tool with Pliers

This handsome matte black Multi-Tool has all the expected features: sharp 3” cutting blade, pliers, bottle, opener, can opener, wire stripper, and nail file, plus a saw, three cutout wrench sizes, and a set of 4 bits inset in the handle.  Add to this a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker and it’s an essential piece of gear you’ll absolutely want in your glove compartment should the need arise.  Plus a belt sheath to allow you to keep it on your person at all times.  What sets it apart is its smooth function and sleek design.  Overall folded length 4 1/2”.  You'll likely want one on your belt and another in your car.

Overall Dimensions

 Weight  2"
 Length   7"
 Height  .75"
 Weight  .75 lbs.


Individual Items

  • Pocket Multi-Tool with Pliers


    Pocket Multi-Tool with Pliers

    $44.50 $38.50
Subtotal: $44.50 $38.50
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