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Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set


Imagine how a solid-feeling, very smooth handle would feel. If you like that idea, this Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set Is just the ticket. As we all know, how a tool “feels” in the hand has a big impact on satisfaction in using. Happy to report, these feel great. The set features three tools with an indestructible, cast-aluminum finish, with a thumb recess on the top of each providing a surprising amount of additional control. The leather hanging strips (shown) are a nice plus. The Digger Trowel has engraved inch marks to gauge planting depth, and the Scoop Trowel is brawny enough to lever up rocks and small roots. The Cultivator has three substantial claws and an ergonomic curve that makes scrabbling dirt and moving soil a snap. This unique kit is not expensive, and we’ve grown very fond of working with it.

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  • Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set


    Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

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