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Portable Drill Guide Jig

Hand-Held Control

Dimensions: 17.5 inches x 6 inches x 2.5 inches

Origin: Made in Japan

How to Use: Our portable drill guide is incredibly easy to use! Simply chuck your drill to the 3/8" shaft, insert the bit you want to use in the drill guide's separate 3/8" chuck, and go to work. You can easily control angle boring up to 45 degrees, while integral V-guides make drilling round stock a breeze. When you order our drill guide jig, you also get a depth stop with your purchase.

Product Details: If you’re looking for the same control in your hand-held drill as you get from a drill press, Garrett Wade can help with our drill guide. This unique tool helps give you drill press control with any hand-held drill (cord or battery powered). Enjoy more precision and accuracy for all your woodworking projects when you choose our portable drill guide today!


Individual Items

  • Portable Drill Guide Jig


    Portable Drill Guide Jig

Subtotal: $49.95
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