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Precision, Digital Rolling Tape Measure

This is one of the coolest pieces of tech we’ve seen recently.  Digital tape measures have been around for a long time, of course, but they are designed for linear measurements, and not for rounded forms or curved lines.  Here’s the solution: a rolling tape measure--small enough to toss into any tool bag--that can measure linear area, cubic inches (and meters) calculate board feet, as well as both circumferences and diameters of round objects like cylinders or branches, and can even account for its own dimensions when measuring internal corners.  The operation couldn’t be easier: turn it on, use the buttons to select your mode (linear, cubic, cylindrical, feet vs. meters) press the measurement button, then roll along the surface as the independent external ring calculates at approximately 18 feet per second, up to 144 inches, with an accuracy of up to 1% of the calculated value. Working temp is 32 - 104 F. Two CR2032 Batteries & instructions are included.

Overall Dimensions

 Weight  .3 lbs.
 Diameter  2 1/4"


Individual Items

  • Precision, Digital Rolling Tape Measure


    Precision, Digital Rolling Tape Measure

Subtotal: $38.95
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