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Premium Italian Beechwood Extendable Rolling Ladder

A 4-Step Ladder with Wide Anti-Slip Footboard

The innovative, thoughtful design of this ladder made it an instant favorite of ours, and we're big fans of its looks, too- not something you usually say about a ladder! A fine example of Italian design and execution, it's packed with thoughtful features. The four-step ladder is designed to be safe for use without a spotter, so you can change light bulbs and clean cabinet tops with confidence. Made of solid beechwood, the wide anti-slip footboard provides a secure and stable platform as you work. The free-extending upper bar and toolbox gives you a convenient place to store tools, screws, lightbulbs, and more while you work. Most importantly the support bar is there to hold on to as you climb and reach. No more feeling unstable when you're a few feet off the ground.

A patented closing and opening system works effortlessly; the safety system makes it impossible to close when in use, and the unit is designed to stand freely when closed for hassle-free storage. The smooth rolling, non-marking rubber wheels only touch the floor when the ladder is closed, ensuring safe operation and easy storage. It's slim, stands freely, and will easily rolls into the closet or corner so no need to pick it up. 

Materials: Beech Wood

Dimensions: 47.2" x 19.3" x 4.7" closed and fully extended, the top step stands 35" tall.. Overall weight is 22 lbs 

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  • Italian Beechwood Rolling Extendable Ladder


    Premium Italian Beechwood Extendable Rolling Ladder


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