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Professional Diggers

All-steel, for a lifetime of real use

Made by the same superb maker of our other All-Steel Spades, Forks and Shovels. These specialty tools are specially designed for moderate-scale close work digging repeated holes of a similar size when planting or working around in a tight area.

The All Purpose Shovel (center and right) with its 5" rounded blade with a handy "belly" comes in two overall lengths (25 or 40"). The shorter length is great when working on your knees and the longer full-sized length is used standing.

The Mini-Shovel (left) is 36" long handle and a 3-3/4" wide sharply pointed blade is superb for digging repetitive holes while standing up when planting. It's like using a large dibbler.

Made in The USA. Use the 10-in Flat Mill File to keep these tools sharp.

Additional air shipping surcharges apply to the Mini Shovel and the 40" All-Purpose Shovel.

More Info

The Straight Spade is 40" in overall length and has a 13" long blade that is 7" wide. An optional Rubber Foot Pad (shown mounted on the Spade but order separately) is available and we recommend it. The 9" wide Pointed Shovel (42-1/2" overall length) has a rounded blade with a handy "belly". The All Purpose Shovel is only 25" long overall with a 5" wide, pointed blade and is very useful when working on your knees.

The Root Cutter is 39-1/2" long has a blade 5" wide and 10-1/2" long and serrated edges so that you can blow right through the tough stuff. The super-narrow 36" Trencher (blade is 2-3/4" wide and 12" long) is used for a variety of tasks. Digging up buried treasure and bulb planting are two of them, but our favorite is digging narrow trenches to bury drain lines and pipe, without creating a monster of a mess in your yard. An installed rubber foot pad is standard.

All blades and handles are fully welded, with sharpened edges for ease of soil entry; handles are plated or painted for rust protection. (Additional air shipping charges apply to Pointed Shovel, Root Cutter Spade, Trencher Spade and the Straight Spade.)

Individual Items

  • 36" long Mini Shovel

  • 25" Long All Purpose Shovel

  • 40" Long All Purpose Shovel

  • Pferd 10" Flat Mill File

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