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Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

Once mounted, initial setup takes about 5 minutes, after which the grinder is set to go for repeated resharpenings with the same chain. Made to cut teeth of a saw. The time to cut each tooth of a 20" saw with our Quick Feed Chain Sharpener would be about 4 minutes. For replacement sharpening stones see here. These are terrific units that not only do a great job, they will save you real money quickly and a lot of time right away. Full instructions included. A Standard Chainsaw Sharpener is also available.

The 4.5 mm grinding wheel (22mm arbor) comes as standard with both Sharpeners. The 3.2 mm Optional Grinding Wheel (22mm arbor), which is thinner, may work better on the smallest chainsaws. We recommend adding the optional, thinner, 3.2 mm wheel so you're prepared for all your sharpening needs.

The previous generation of chainsaw sharpeners had 10mm arbors. We still sell replacement wheels above. If you're buying a new sharpener, and want the smaller 3.2mm wheel or a replacement one, order the 22mm arbor version.



45T01.01 and 45T02.02 General Chain Sharpener Maintenance
45T02.02 Chain Sharpener (Quick Feed)

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  • Quick Feed Chain Sharpener - Italian-Made


    Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

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