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Railroad Oil Lantern

Includes Clear Glass. Accessorize with Red and Green Glasses Sold Separately.

The dead of night in the railyard was no easy place: full of hissing steam, clanging engines, and heavy machinery, it was bustling and chaotic and no place for unneeded confusion.  Communicating by voice wasn’t an option, but the clear, clean light of a trusty oil lantern made sure everybody was on the same page.  We’ve recreated a classic design from those days in gorgeous brass—definitely not something you would have lugged around the yard, but we think this design dresses up quite nicely.  Our Brass Railroad Oil Lantern stands 8” tall with a sturdy 7 ½” base, so it’s almost impossible to accidentally knock over; it can also be hung from the handle to cast its light far and wide. Clear glass comes standard, but for added authenticity, red and green replacements are available so you can send the appropriate signal or set the appropriate mood. Replacement wicks are available in a set of 5. Additional clear replacement glasses are also available for purchase separately. This lamp is intended to be used while hanging.




Individual Items

  • Railroad Lantern with Clear Glass


    Railroad Oil Lantern


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