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It's time to stop buying inferior quality watering nozzles. Our Premium Rainmaker-Aerator Nozzle is made of exceptional quality and won't crack, or leak under pressure. Trust us we have tried it. Perfect for achieving the perfect shower for delicate flowers, and or misting your vegetable garden.  Each nozzle is pressure tested before leaving the factory. The quality is outstanding.

Each nozzle will come with the two Solid Brass Quick-Change fittings shown (a Male Adaptor and a Hose-end Water-stop Connector) at No additional Cost (a $12.45 value); These will allow instant change over from one nozzle to another without turning off the water at the source. Get additional Male Adaptors to convert all your nozzles over to Quick Change connections.

Made in France. 

Individual Items

  • Rainmaker-Aerator

    25W04.12  - Available 04/17/2023


Subtotal: $85.90

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