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Ratcheting Jar Opener, Opens Anything

"Can somebody open this jar for me?”  We’ve all heard it, and likely said it.  This Adjustable Jar Opener opens everything with next to no effort.  It’s a real lifesaver, especially for those of us struggling with arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or any condition that can affect your grip.  It looks and works a lot like a basic quick-grip clamp: adjust the jaw opening and fit your cap inside, then squeeze the ergonomic handle; the rubber-lined jaws grip the lid, and the whole mechanism allows you to provide far more torque than you could just using your hands.  Effective with lid diamters from 3 ¼” down to ½”, it’s great for everything from mason jars to toothpaste tubes. It’ll come in handy again and again.


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  • Ratcheting Jar Opener Opens Anything

    19A07.02  - Available 04/12/2023

    Ratcheting Jar Opener, Opens Anything

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