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Redwood Mushroom Knife


Redwood Mushrooming Knife

This Italian-made folding Redwood Mushroom Knife comes with extras that make it a great all-around tool for impromptu or planned foraging. Besides the classic, hawksbill-curve mushrooming blade, it features a compass (we know foragers tend to get lost in their passion); a debris brush (to clean your harvest on the go); and a ruler on the handle (to gauge maturity, you don't want to harvest too small). With a gorgeous, curvy redwood handle, this outdoor knife is a compact 4-⅜" when folded. Other features of the mushrooming knife include a short chain and clip to attach to your belt or foraging bag, and spine jimping to help grip the blade when your hands get sweaty. Keep one of these in the car too: we've been known to pull over when we see a promising patch of woods while driving.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Folding
Knife Length (in.) 8-1/4"
Blade Length (in.) 2-1/4"
Handle Length (in.) 5-1/4"
Folded/Closed Length (in.) 5-1/4"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Olivewood
RC Hardness 55 HRc

Individual Items

  • Redwood Mushroom Knife

    45T02.38  - Available 09/22/2023

    Redwood Mushroom Knife

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