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Reversible Brass Candle Holder

Ingenuity and versatility not exactly the first words that come to mind when you think of candle holders, but the clever simplicity of these little gems really caught our eye when we first saw them. Able to blend in with just about any décor style, these Reversible Brass Candle Holders hold any 1” taper safely and securely, and they look great without making a big fuss about it. Flip them over, though, and you’ll find a hidden secret: and opening to hold a standard tea light. This gives you plenty of room for creativity when setting the scene for dinner parties, creating seasonal displays, and more. Each measures 3” in diameter and feels solid in the hand. Order a bunch and let your inner interior decorator come alive.  Fits Candles up to 7/8" diameter in the small hole and 1-1/2" diameter in the large hole.

These 9-Hour Candles also work with this product.

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  • Reversible Brass Candle Holder


    Reversible Brass Candle Holder

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