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Rivet Setter & Copper Rivets

Copper Rivets for Leather

The Rivet Setter is a very simple tool for setting snug and attractive copper rivets in leather. Using a medium-weight hammer, it will seat the burr (washer), pulling your fabrics tightly together. Once you've cut the excess rivet shank down (just proud of the burr), the setter will also peen over the cut-end, permanently holding the pieces together — like those from classic Levi blue jeans. This leather rivet setter is a very strong and attractive way to reinforce high-stress areas!

Rivet Setter Details

This product is a kit that comes with the rivet setter as well as 25 copper rivets to get you started. You also get detailed instructions on how to best use these components with your fabrics.

The copper rivets for leather are size 12 with an overall length of 3/4" and a diameter under the head that measures 0.137” (a smidge over 1/8). If you think you need more rivets right away, you can buy a box of approximately 200 rivets — sold separately.

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27B04.10.GP Rivet Setter & Copper Rivets

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