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Sailor's Rigging Knife and Sheath

complete with usa-made leather sheath

Excellent all-around tool for waterman and landlubber alike Our Sailor's Rigging Knife is from the industrious, no-nonsense work ethic of tough men and women who still make their living at sea. This knife design is optimized for completing serious tasks in demanding conditions. The blade is purposely wide but not too long, and it has no sharp, stabbing point. This sturdy construction allows for its principal task: to cut rope, everything from fine cording to heavy ship's mooring line. The heft of the 1" wide blade makes it strong enough to take a light blow from a mallet, to help cut through stubborn rope. The wide bolster and tail that bookend the handle protect the hands from sliding along the blade and make it harder to accidentally slip from your grasp when working aloft, in pitching conditions, or on slippery decks. A rust-resistant 3-3/4" stainless-steel blade, rosewood handle, and brass bolsters combine form and functionality. Overall length is 8-1/2". Comes with a leather belt-sheath.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Locked
Knife Length (in.) 8-1/2"
Blade Length (in.) 3-3/4"
Handle Length (in.) 4-3/4"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Rosewood

Individual Items

  • Sailor's Rigging Knife and Sheath


    Sailor's Rigging Knife and Sheath

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