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Self-Watering Window Planters - 23” Long

Available in Two Modern Color Schemes

These Large European Made Self-Watering Planters are perfect for porch, window box, or patio, and will brighten up your outdoor space or indoor windowsill. The basic technology is simple – water is placed into an outer vessel, and a set of included straps act as wicks to transfer water up to an inner plant container via soil moisture tension (whereby water naturally moves to fill the dryer area). A perforated grid in the base aids in aeration and allows room for root growth. The water level indicator lets you know when it’s time to refill the outer container. Made with zero waste by a European company that is very committed to sustainability, it’s environmentally conscious and looks stylish. Instructions are included for easy setup, and maintenance is very easy as well. Available in two color combos: terracotta and beige (ivory-color), and blue-gray and white. Imported. 


Height 7¾”
Width/Length 23¼”
Depth 7 11/16”


We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable. See below for some suggestions or call us at 800-221-2942

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