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Set of 3 Premium French Trimmers

The French make some of the best personal care tools in the world - some of which never make it outside the country. Just look at the "box-style" pivot joints and the carefully shaped cutting edges. And the edges are very sharp so they cut easily and cleanly. These are premium personal-care tools that clearly stand out as first class. These are a bit unusual for us but the quality was so high, we just couldn't resist them.

The set of 3 includes:

We have an optional French made leather dop kit to keep all of your personal items handy. 

Individual Items

  • Set of 3 Premium French Trimmers

    02B13.70  - Available 02/27/2023

    Set of 3 Premium French Trimmers

    $191.40 $143.95
Subtotal: $191.40 $143.95

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