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Set of 12 Woodcarving Chisels

Start Your Carving Adventure Today

Our Complete Woodcarving Tool Set is an affordable way to start your carving journey without the hassle of individually sourcing each tool- with this comprehensive collection, you can dive right into your projects without delay. The variety and size of the tools will get you on the road to shaping larger pieces and carving intricate details. The 12 included tools feature beechwood handles and include an assortment of gouges and chisels, offering a wide variety of options to cater to different carving techniques and styles. A sturdy wooden box keeps your tools organized and protected, and the felt interior guards against any accidental dulling during storage or transit. With this compact and portable design, your carving tools are available to you at any time, arranged just as they should be. Start your carving adventure today.

Materials: Wood/Metal

Dimensions: straight chisels (6mm, 13mm), ark knives (6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm), bent gouges (12mm, 19mm), v-straight parting tools (14mm, 16mm), and a 12mm skew chisel.

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  • Woodcarving Chisel Set


    Set of 12 Woodcarving Chisels


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