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Set of 4 Heavy Duty Screwdrivers

Flathead screwdrivers put in a lot of work around our homes and shops (not only for their intended use, but also in those moments when a chisel or prying tool isn’t close at hand), and the punishment we put them through means they need to be extra tough and durable. We’ve found a maker who has created exclusively for us this set of 4 absolutely heavy duty screwdrivers, with a hand-forged solid carbon steel shank hardened to 55 HRC that runs the full length of the tool, and acacia wood scales that leave the sides and butt end of the shank exposed for striking. The elongated curve of this tool is really a beauty to look at and to hold. The 4 sizes will cover most of your foreseeable needs: 6” L, with a 3/16” tip; 8” L, with a 1/4” tip; 10” L, with a 5/16” tip; and 12” L, with a 3/8” tip.


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  • Set of 4 Heavy Duty Screwdrivers

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    Set of 4 Heavy Duty Screwdrivers

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