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Set of Five LED "String Lamp" Work Lights

Connect up to 10 sets for a total of 50 LED lights.

The five-series LED Lamp “String Lamp” is very useful. Each one of the five (3-1/2" x 1-1/4" lens) Lamps produces 1,000 lumens (5,000 total lumen output) with 10 feet of electrical cord spacing between each lamp. And each comes with a carabineer for easy attaching to pipes or hooks.

The area lit by each Lamp easily overlaps the next Lamp, so the overall illumination is very consistent. This is a huge benefit. The 115V cord length is 50 ft. Each five Lamp series can, in fact, be linked in a series with up to 9 others on the same 15-amp circuit—a total of 500 ft.

We have examined and tested numerous LED Work Lamp alternatives and we like these, and the LED Shop Work Lights, the best—hands down.

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