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Set of Six Ruler Pencils

A Garrett Wade Exclusive. We nearly always need to have a ruler and a marking tool on hand when we’re working--whether we’re indicating placement of cuts while building, marking surfaces for repair or replacement, or simply sketching out ideas for future projects. These handsome and elegant cedarwood shop pencils, made for us in France, are just the thing to reach for in all these situations--their slim, squared shape prevents them from rolling off surfaces, and they feature a very handy and clearly marked 5” rule along one side--perfect for quick measurements and double-checking for precision before cutting. The other side features the Garrett Wade brand and several inspirational quotes: “Plan/Make/Grow Something Today” to keep you motivated. The #2B graphite has excellent marking capabilities, and the vivid red tops make them easy to spot on a crowded workbench or shelf. Our shop pencils come nicely packaged in a set of six, nestled within a Garrett Wade-branded cardboard case. One of our favorite gifts for all the hand people in you’re life.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Length 7"

Individual Items

  • Set of Six Ruler Pencils


    Set of Six Ruler Pencils

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Making the Pencils

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Cutting Pencils

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