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Set of Three Vintage Carving Knives Plus Fork

Not Your Ordinary Carving Knife Set

This knife set from Garrett Wade is the perfect mixture of elegance, history, and function. No wonder today’s most avid cooks are proud to use and own the classic French knives in this set.

Our carving set features three kitchen knife styles along with a well-built serving fork. One knife, the sticking knife, is designed for both major cutting jobs and precision tasks, such as boning. The second knife is a filet knife used to easily gut fish, and the last one is a sophisticated chef’s knife.

These vintage kitchen tools are built to stand the test of time while also adding beauty to your kitchen with their hardwood handles and captivating blades. Wash these vintage carving knives by hand only, and dry them immediately.

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With more than 100 years in the woodworking tool business, we at Garrett Wade know what it takes to create heirloom-quality tools.

Our tools are made by craftsmen who are among the best from around the world. That’s why we consistently offer woodworking and workshop tools that are durable enough to last for decades.

Shop now to buy your favorite vintage tools and experience the Garrett Wade difference for yourself!

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  • Set of Three Vintage Carving Knives Plus Fork

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    Set of Three Vintage Carving Knives Plus Fork

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