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Sink Overflow Cleaning Brush

Drain clogs can be tricky beasts, but if you have the right tools there's no need to call in a plumber. This long, slim Sink Overflow Cleaning Brush is designed to fill a very specific but vital cleaning niche, as it can slip effortlessly past your stopper or down your overflow and scrub out any bits of hair or mold or goo that might be stopping up your plumbing. At 17 ½” long and only ½” wide, it’s just the right stiffness and size to get into tricky spots and come up with … well, some things you probably wish you could unsee. But it could save you hundreds on a house call, so we’ll call that a victory. Great for showers, bathroom sinks, and more.

Overall Dimensions

Width  1"
Length  17.5"
Height  1/2"


Individual Items

  • Sink Overflow Cleaning Brush


    Sink Overflow Cleaning Brush

Subtotal: $12.95
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