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Slack Floor Mop - Telescoping Handle


Made in the USA

What household cleaning folks often default to today is a disposable mop - with their chemically-laced pads that go in the trash. But here is an ecologically beneficial alternative - made here in the USA. A small firm in Vermont has made these for decades - and they work beautifully for dusting all matter of household item and furniture and in dry-mopping floors. The "secret sauce" in the 11" long wool multicolored strands is Lanolin which is type of "wax" that is generated naturally in coats of domestic sheep. The Lanolin naturally efficiently attracts all manner of dust, dirt and other unwanted particles that you want gone from your home. Simply shake vigorously (outside) to discharge what you picked up. (Eventually, you may want to hand wash the Mop like a good wool sweater - in cold water with light detergent and air drying.) Reuse endlessly. If you're looking for a matching duster, they are available here.

The metal mop handle telescopes from 34" to 59". The mops dusting area measures 11" x 18". Made in the USA.

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  • Slack Floor Mop - Telescoping Handle


    Slack Floor Mop - Telescoping Handle


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