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Small & Large Stainless-Steel Mug Set

Fantastically handsome – They really are terrific

These brass-handled, Stainless Steel mugs come in two sizes and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. A hollow interior wall acts as an insulator to maintain a consistent liquid temperature. The Standard Mug will hold about 13 oz. (a generous cup of hot coffee) and the larger size will hold 20 oz. (a perfect mug for a cold bottle of beer). Available individually, as pairs. or as a set of one small & one large Mug. The material ensures that they are virtually indestructible, and they simply look great. A unique and hard-to-find gift for someone who just might have everything. Highly popular and highly recommended, as we love them.


Regular Size

Height 4-3/8"
Top Diameter 3"
Capacity 11 oz.
Weight 10-1/4 oz.

Larger Size

Height: 5-1/2"
Top Diameter: 3-3/4"
Capacity: 18 oz.
Weight: 19 oz.

Individual Items

  • Small & Large Stainless-Steel Mug Set

    78A02.30  - Available 06/27/2023

    Small & Large Stainless-Steel Mug Set

Subtotal: $65.85

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