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Smart Vise Mobile Work Station

Create A Real Workshop On Any Flat Surface!

Are you looking for a workbench that you can set up anywhere? Garrett Wade has the solution for you. Developed by a Swedish company that specialized in making workshop benches for over 90 years, the Smart Vise Mobile Work Station is indeed very smart. For a temporary or semi-permanent workspace, simply snug it into the corner of any flat surface, using the bench pins as a reference, and clamp it down. For a more permanent space in your garage or basement, bolt this work vise down using the anchor holes.

Work Vise Details

Easy to assemble, the 14” x 14 ½” Beechwood work vise can transform any table top into a creative auxiliary workspace. There are eight pre-drilled holes with four ¾” round bench dogs to hold your square or irregular stock in place. The 14” long jaws open 4 ½” wide, so you can work with large stock too! Once disassembled, you can pack it back into its original storage box for easy portability.

This is the perfect piece for hobbyists and craftsmen that have small workspaces but giant jobs to complete. This is one of those items you’ll find dozens of uses for, including painting, shoe repair, framing, carving, wood-working, and more. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. Shop this unique piece at Garrett Wade for yourself or as a gift for a fellow craftsperson today!

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  • Smart Vise Mobile Work Station

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    Smart Vise Mobile Work Station

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