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Sommelier Washing Kit

"We all love the look of a long, supple wine decanter, and there’s no arguing that they improve the flavor of any bottle, top-shelf or bottom, but if you don’t have the right tools, getting them clean can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. The same goes for delicate stemware—the right brush makes a world of difference when you’re spending half your energy just not dropping the thing in the sink.

The cleaning surfaces of these American-made specialty brushes are soft, tensile foam that doesn’t absorb water, and that means clean, streak-free glass every time, with no scratches. Not a wine person? We love them for just about any oddly shaped vessels, including baby bottles, sippy cups, canteens, travel bottles, and more. On first use you may find the foam to be stiffer than you expect, but you’ll quickly acclimate and wonder how you ever got along these kitchen wonders."

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  • Sommelier Washing Kit


    Sommelier Washing Kit


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