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Spun Iron Classic Frying Pan


The “spun” in spun-iron is formed by spinning a disc of iron on a lathe and forming it over a mold.  The primary handle on this pan is 11" long to keep your hands away from the heat, while the 3" wide short handle in the front is meant to stabilize your grip when transporting your food from the stove to the oven and vice versa.  This gorgeous, matte-black fry pan has similar properties to cast iron: it heats up evenly therefore it will cook and bake evenly; and it is nearly indestructible so it will last a lifetime, with minimal routine care (you’ll want to pass this down to the next generation).  Spun-iron has one advantage over cast-iron: it is much lighter (generally half the weight), which you’ll appreciate as you move from stove-top, to oven, to table top.  This Classic design makes a wonderful presentation dish for a quiche, fruit pie, or cobbler; or, simply make your eggs and hash in it. Pre-seasoned with flax oil to give a natural, no-stick coating.  Works on all range and oven types, whether gas, electric, convection, even wood-burning. 

Made by a small foundry in Shropshire, UK which is, fittingly, where the Industrial Revolution started. 12” diameter x 1-½” deep.

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  • Spun Iron Classic Frying Pan

    58N01.03  - Available 09/08/2022

    Spun Iron Classic Frying Pan

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