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Netherton Spun Iron Pizza Plate

The best pizzas require a superheated surface to achieve their perfect blistering crusts, whether in a pizza oven or on a ceramic or clay pizza stone. However, stoneware can sometimes be less durable than we might want--it can chip and scratch, and one accidental drop could mean rescheduling pizza night. Say hello to this nearly indestructible spun iron pizza platter, which can handle the high temperatures required--and you’ll never worry about banging it up or dropping it. Once properly seasoned, cast iron also becomes virtually non-stick, making it great for cooking all kinds of food. Use it in your home oven, your outdoor grill, or even an open fire pit. A full ¼” thick, with two easy to grab handles (even with oven mitts), and very good looking, with classic lines and a timeless rustic look.

Comes pre-seasoned with an application of flaxseed oil, which will bond with the metal over repeated high heatings, ensuring a thoroughly seasoned surface. Prior to use simply wash it hot water. Do not use soap or detergent. Immediately dry, ideally on a low heat on the stove or in a warm oven. It comes pre-seasoned but we suggest you give it an extra seasoned coating. 

The casserole can easily handle temperatures up to 840ºF. Measures 19” wide (handle to handle) and 15” diameter on the non-handled side. Made in the UK.


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  • Spun Iron Pizza Plate


    Netherton Spun Iron Pizza Plate

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