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Stainless-Steel French Made Steak Knives

Professional French Bistro knives

This set of six 9" long, one-piece solid stainless-steel Steak Knives, hardened to Rc50 with a uniquely thin body thickness of only 0.016" at the cutting edge, is made by one of the foremost suppliers to bistros and restaurants in France. These rarely find their way into the retail market. Drawing on the famous French Laguiole (Napoleon Bee) design, this maker in Thiers has produced knives that cut meat like a hot knife through butter and have a wonderfully comfortable, handle-heavy balance in your hand.

The result is that the knife blade seems like a wonderful extension of your fingers. In addition, the cutting edge has micro-serrations for enhanced cutting function, and the very end tip of each knife has a small area that has been slightly blunted to prevent accidental hand injury (a nice safety detail).  These are impressive and totally dishwasher safe.  Huge value. Red box not included.


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  • Stainless-Steel French Made Steak Knives

    72A02.01  - Available 09/22/2023

    Stainless-Steel French Made Steak Knives

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