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Stand-up Bulb Planter

saves your back and knees

This Stand-Up Bulb Planter tool allows you to make holes for your bulb planting from a full standup position, saving your back (and knees) from aching the next day. It looks a bit like a pogo stick and works like one too! Simply stand on the horizontal feet and allow your weight and gravity to do the heavy work of digging the hole. Then, simply pull out the planter and use the knob to push out the soil plug. It’s that easy!

The powdered steel shaft measures 38” long and makes a 2-½” diameter hole that is 4-½” tall. With rubberized polymer grips (like an old-school bicycle), this long-handled bulb planter will ensure next time is the fastest you have ever planted your crocus and tulips.

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  • Stand-up Bulb Planter


    Stand-up Bulb Planter

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