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Straw-Cleaning Brush

Reusable straws have really taken off over the last few years as people have looked for less-wasteful alternatives for sipping their iced coffees and smoothies, and they’re great a great idea—as long as you’re willing (and able) to clean them after every use.  That means having a Straw-Cleaning Brush that offers just the right amount of flex, and just the right amount of bristle strength, to clean out every last bit of gunk. We think this one fits the bill, and at 18” long total, it’ll easily clean straws up to 12” long.  Whether you prefer silicone or stainless steel, this will keep your straws free of debris, germs, and bacteria while you keep untold pounds of plastic out of landfills. (It’s also perfect for cleaning the openings of your young ones’ travel cups.)

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  • Straw Cleaning Brush


    Straw-Cleaning Brush

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