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Garrett Wade Rosewood Carpenter Utility Knife


This Tough Rosewood Handle Utility Knife just exudes durability and a do-everything attitude. Quite simply, it can handle anything, from splitting kindling to cutting up cardboard boxes for recycling, to camp crafts, to yard work. This is a great carpenter's knife for professionals and DIY-loving homeowners alike and is overall a great tool to have handy.

The nearly-1/4" thick, 4-1/4" long cleaver-style blade can take a blow from a hammer or the butt of an axe, so don't be afraid to really put it to the test. The durable steel blade runs full tang down the length of the 4" Rosewood handle, giving the knife an overall length of 8.5". The width of the blade is 1-1/8". The scales are held in place by two pins, and there is a third hollow-ring rivet at the butt where you can thread a leather thong for storing this tool when it's not in use (which won't be very often). This heavy-duty utility knife is a spectacular value, and you won't be disappointed. Exclusive. 

Product Specs/Dimensions

Knife Type Locked
Knife Length (in.) 9-3/4"
Blade Length (in.) 4-1/2"
Handle Length (in.) 4"
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Handle Material Rosewood
RC Hardness 50 HRc

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  • Garrett Wade Rosewood Carpenter Utility Knife


    Garrett Wade Rosewood Carpenter Utility Knife

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