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Sustainably Sourced Skeins of Natural Wool Yarn

Made from Noir du Velay and Rava Sheep!

Natural Sheep's Wool

Natural sheep’s wool is a classic fabric, much prized for its softness, elasticity, durability and thermal properties. Even with the advent of synthetic textiles, wool continues to be go-to material for clothing and other textiles. The colors of these Skeins of Natural Wool are so rich, you might never use other colors ever again. Made in France and sustainably harvested from local sheep, these yarns come in the actual colors of the sheep: a deep, rich Walnut Brown, and a tranquil Oat. Presented in 100 gram skeins, which runs approximately from 410 – 600 yards long. Worsted weight, 3 ply yarn. A must-have, and great to pair with our Birch Knitting Needles.


Individual Items

  • Natural Wool Cream

  • Natural Wool - Oat

  • Natural Wool - Brown Walnut

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