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Table Vise & Anvil Set

Sharpening, spoon carving, leatherwork, jewelry making, model building—there’s no end to the uses for this compact benchtop vise and anvil set. The anvil is sturdy and just the right size, substantial enough to take a beating without being impossible to move when needed. The incredibly versatile tabletop vise can be rotated, twisted, turned, and customized to hold just about anything in just about any position. At the perfect “in between” size, it’s larger than a tiny crafter’s vise but smaller than something you’d find in a professional-scale forge. It’s a perfect fit for any home workshop.

Versatile Vise with Anvil: A Maker’s Dream Duo

You might own the best tools money can buy, but if your workholding options aren’t up to par, you’ll never achieve satisfactory work. For anybody working on a smaller scale, this compact and affordable Table Vise and Anvil set can handle an extraordinary variety of tasks. The 4" high anvil weighs 11 lbs. with a 4” x 2" flat surface and the traditional horn. If you aren’t a blacksmith working on a large scale, it’s all you’ll need for a lifetime of work.

The cast iron vise is among the most versatile and customizable you’ll find, especially at this price point. With a double set of fully rotating jaws, this swivel vicewith an anvil is designed to firmly grip flat or round stock thanks to its combination of smooth and textured holding surfaces and three rounded grooves. Clap the vise to your tabletop or mount it permanently via three bolt holes. It’s essential shop gear for wood carving or crafting of any kind.

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Since 1975, Garrett Wade has been making and sourcing heirloom-quality tools for professionals and hobbyists alike. We collaborate with fine craftsmen and trusted family businesses from around the world to bring our loyal customers the finest, most durable tools around—ones that will be passed with pride from generation to generation. Our customers are passionate about woodworking, gardening, cooking and baking, home improvement, and the DIY ethos of making and fixing, and so are we. We stand by everything we sell, and everything we carry is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Table Vise & Anvil Set


    Table Vise & Anvil Set

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