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Talon Pegboard Hooks

Changes the way you'll use pegboard storage & will never fall off

Not all pegboard hooks are made alike. Anchored in two places, you can take a tool off these nylon hooks hundreds of times and they will never come off. Will mount to all 1/4" standard pegboard.

In addition to the basic Curved Hook, the Talon line includes three Straight Hooks (1-3/8" long, 1-3/8" long - small bar and 3-1/2" long), a Dual Screwdriver Holder, a Pliers Holder, and a 1/2" Short Span Clip for a tool needing strong support. Sold by specific style in packs of 6 or 12.

The Talon Set-Up Pak contains 50 pieces: 9 Curved, 20 mixed Straight, 6 Screwdriver, 6 Pliers and 9 Short Span Clips. For those who need more initially, the Master Pak contains twice the quantity of the Set-Up Pack in the same proportions at a saving.

Get the packs of the individual styles as needed to fill out your needs.

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