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Terracotta Cane Toppers

Add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor landscape with our set of four Terracotta Cane Toppers that will look great anywhere and will last for years in all kinds of weather. These little items have a classic rustic look and fit snugly over the ends of bamboo or other pointed poles that could pose a risk of injury. However, safety is only one reason to use them - they just look great on any surface: sitting on a planter pot, nestled among the herbs, or tucked into a nook in a stone wall. You'll find endless spots where they will surprise and delight. The four designs included are: Bird, Bunny, Leaf, and old-fashioned Water Pump. Made in the UK by a renowned stoneware company, and available in very limited supplies, so get them before they're gone. They also make great gifts for your favorite gardener at any time of year.

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  • Terracotta Cane Toppers


    Terracotta Cane Toppers

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